Oy. A rough one.

Today was a rough day, all around. Thanks to an upstairs neighbor who decided to sing/screech at the top of her lungs until almost 1 in the morning, and a baby who woke up multiple times, my 5 AM wakeup call was a no-go. The alarm went off and I almost started crying. So, I didn't get out of bed, and when the kid got up around 7, brought her in bed with me to see if I could steal a few more winks.

The tiny one is apparently growing fangs, and with a potential food allergy (her tum was not doing well today. Either from the bit of pancake I fed her yesterday or the blueberries from this morning) I had nothing but screaming and really disgusting diapers to contend with for most of the day. She didn't nap, which means I didn't eat anything, save a handful of baked potato crisps, until 8 this evening.

I did make it out on a walk, a couple of miles to the school and back and froze the whole time. The kid was sufficiently bundled, but I misunderestimated (man, does anyone else miss g.w. bush? jokes!) my cold tolerance and was pretty miserable.

I did by a set of free weights today for Vegs and I to use. I hate lifting in the gym. It's so crowded and I hate using the weights/benches that everyone uses and doesn't wipe down. So, now we have a set of dumb bells that goes up to 25 lbs. It was kind of pricy, but I think worth the investment, especially since they don't take up much room, and now we have a wide selection of weight options (5-25 lbs).

I'm looking forward to getting my crap together tomorrow and getting my house clean, exercising, grocery shopping, basically turning human again. I still feel pretty good, but will feel much better when things are in order. I'm trying to accustom myself to the fact that there will be days like this, and plan accordingly (for instance, I will be cleaning as much as I can tonight so that tomorrow isn't so overwhelming).


Potato Crisps

Pasta w/ spinach, eggplants, kalamata.  This meal was actually pretty awesome. It was leftover from lunch with Kiera last week (I made a new salad, ok?) The pasta is mostly veggies, w/ pasta thrown in at the end. Do you know about herbs in a tube? I'm obsessed. Not as good as fresh, but since I manage to only ever let fresh ones go bad in my fridge and die on my counter, it's a good solution for me. I love the basil (it's my secret for delicious homemade pizza).
You can get it at just about any grocery store that has a decent produce section. I look forward to trying the ginger version (I hate when ginger gets old and looks like a dead grandma's hand in the fridge...is that just me?) 
I'm also a huge fan of this vinegar. I get it at Siegfried's in SLC. It has a very light flavor, not super-vinegary, just tart enough to give you a bit of pucker, and has a nice, herby taste. I love making quick pickles with it (I'm kind of obsessed w/ quick pickles since New Year's) because it's not as tart. I use it w/ a tiny bit of olive oil, salt and fresh-ground pepper as a salad dressing (I really hate bottled dressings). If you can make it to a European food store w/ imports, try and find this or something similar, you will not be disappointed.


  1. no, it's not just you. bad ginger is a letdown for everyone.

    if you don't mind me asking, what brand of olive oil do you use? i generally buy the sunflower brand, but it's not very tasty as-is. it has a weird stale taste. then again, maybe that's just me.

  2. depends on where i am when i need it. sometimes sunflower, sometimes costco...i really can't tell the difference between them. unrefined palate i suppose (i prefer cheap beers and wines, too. lucky me!)