The Night of the Pizza Miracle

I was dreading dinner tonight. I actually had a pretty good meal planned (butternut squash saag) but had also forgotten that we had omnis (look how cool I am with my vegan lingo) coming over to watch Treme and have dinner. I have no problem testing out new foods on Veg because I know if it's disgusting that I will just be done eating and he can always have a Hot Pocket. When there are guests involved, I really only like to serve something tried and true, or at least something that seems uneffuppable, and tonight I didn't have any of my staples to make anything "safe". Beyond that, Evie had been fussy all day and was getting worse by nightfall, meaning actually making dinner was just about an impossibility. So, I said a prayer to the Internet Gods of Pizzadom and we ordered Papa Johns. I ordered something everything-y for the omnis and a veggie w/ no cheese for me. I didn't bother to look at the calorie count, and I just hoped I wasn't going too crazy when I started injecting the pizza directly into my veins.  We haven't had takeout pizza in a really long time, partly due to my foray into veganism, but mostly because my homemade pizza is so (insert hyperbolic statement of deliciousness here) good. Tonight, though, the big Papa did not disappoint.

When I bothered to plug my food into MyFitnessPal later on, Cheesus Crust himself offered unto me a miracle. I ate three slices of pizza. I was hankering for another, but thought better of it, and I'm glad I did, because when all was tallied up for the day I had four calories left. A grape. I didn't go over, but I came right up to the edge. I'm like that sinner in the wagon race or however that old parable goes. You know the one where the moral is to not let boys go up your shirt?

I committed this morning to taking pictures of everything I ate, including snacks, because not taking a picture of them has not made me feel as accountable, and I definitely needed to change. I didn't get one with dinner, but I'm glad I set that as a rule for myself because I was really tempted to snack like crazy today. When I'm stir crazy I get the boredom hungries and I've been housebound for 2 days now (stupid Utah County having air as bad as LA).

The bad air reminds me of another point. The inversion in Utah really sucks. I would love to be taking Evie for walks in the stroller every day, but I can't because I just can't concede to let my baby breathe air that's so horrible. I mean, I don't let her huff mufflers, so why would I let her breathe Orem oxygen? Once it clears up, though, I would really like to get outside a lot.

Now for the borings.  Brekkie was leftover coconut butternut squash with a few handfuls of spinach mixed in. Not very breakfasty, but I knew I needed something to hold me over until lunch since there aren't many healthy snackables in the house right now. It did exactly what it needed to, and was actually really good. I wish I would have added some spinach last night, even.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday's, but with an orange instead of an apple. Possibly my favorite lunch.

Four o'clock hit, and I was starving. Because I didn't get a chance to exercise today (thanks to a 5 am wakeup from the tiny one and her general non-consent to nap) I didn't have a lot of wiggle room with calories, so I microwaved a bowl of veggies and put some Soy Vay teriyaki sauce on them. Delicious!

I'm really looking forward to getting to the gym in the morning, though I'm sure I won't feel that way tomorrow. I love the way I feel on my workout days, and I get to have snacks! Glorious snacks!

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