Hooked on Exercising

Going to be brief so I can go to bed (I feel very obligated to post every day, which is a good thing). I woke up at 5 this morning so I figured I should really go to they gym. I'm motivated like that. Seriously, though, I am really starting to love working out. Even though the workout was tough this morning, I felt so good when I was done, and was looking forward to doing more throughout the day. I am also glad that I did this extra workout because I took a sneak peek at next week's workouts and realize I will be doubling my run times (which slightly terrifies) so I can certainly use some endurance boosters.

Exercising is making me feel so good (as is eating healthily) that I am turning into a different person. Normally, I'm kind of a bitch in public, but I feel so good that I want to do things like smile at people and ask them how they're doing, wait and hold doors open, etc. I love this, I really, really love this.

No pictures today (use your imaginations to create poorly-lit, somewhat gross food photographs) but here's a quick rundown of the meals:

3 rice cakes w/ almond butter and strawberry jam

Raspberry Sorbet (they called the owner of the company who claimed it was vegan. I'm willing to go on the testimony of a stranger for something as delicious of this. Made by Yellow Snow Ice Cream, served at the coffee shop down the street from my parent's house)
Chips and Salsa

Potato w/ olive oil, salt and pepper

Saag Aloo w/ brown basmati rice
Chocolate-covered pretzel (I found some left-over in the freezer. Definitely not vegan, but I had some spare calories and I'm apparently having a treat problem).

Looking forward to my run tomorrow and maybe some yoga?? I got a DVD from Netflix on yoga for fat folks (basically modifying positions to accommodate girthiness) I hope it's fun! I really like doing yoga, but sometimes it's hard to do w/o modifications, so I think this will help.


  1. Your post made the theme of Rocky pop into my head. You are awesome!

  2. Where did you get your exercise plan??? Did you make it up yourself?

  3. dude, i am rocky!

    right now my exercise plan is half me (when it's things like yoga, bar method, walking, etc) but my runs come from the couch to 5k program


    and i use the iphone app to track it all

  4. Cool. I am trying to get into exercising again and loose weight and all that stuff :p So I will have to check it out!