For Shame

Sometimes I wish I weren't such a good cook, because it's hard to turn down my own delicious creations. For example, I made guacamole for our tacos tonight, but guess who ate almost the whole bowl before dinner was ready? This gourmand. I cannot express to you how delicious this guac was. It could be largely due to the fact that I had perfectly ripe avocados on hand. Normally by the time I get to them they have started turning black, or they are not quite ripe, so they're really hard. Not tonight, friends. I mashed three of them (and I definitely ate at least 2 by myself) with minced shallots, cilantro, lots of lime juice and a little chili powder. Face melter.

I didn't put any on my tacos, since I'd eaten like 30,000 calories worth by the time dinner hit, but they were delicious, nonetheless. I tried to copy the tacos they serve at Sage's, and I think they turned out pretty well. Marinated sliced baby 'bellas, carrots, onions and celery in lime juice, blue moon ale, chili powder and a little Bragg's. Then just dumped it all in a pot and let it cook for a while (until the celery and carrots had a little give but were still crunchy). Put this and some baked tofu (in the same marinade) on white corn tortillas and squeezed a lime over it with some cilantro. Amazing.  This made up for the rest of my day's crappy eating (breakfast was the Sunflower brand Kashi, which I discovered had milk in it. Boners. And lunch was a churro from Costco. Health Queen, right here).

The big news of the day, of course, was the weigh in. 3 pounds down from last week! This brings the total down to 5 lbs. in 2 weeks. Not bad. I'd feel very good keeping this pace up.

Weekends are really hard for me. There's no schedule which means no order, which means it's difficult for me to stay on task. I need to put some kind of agenda on to my weekends to help me feel more on top of things (even a scheduled workout would help) because I have a feeling if I treat every weekend like this one, I will end up putting back on any weight I may have lost during the week.


  1. a little abandon during the weekends seems totally acceptable, especially considering how well you do during the week.

  2. You are kicking A.
    I disagree with Cassie. You know yourself well enough that a little can turn into a lot in a hussle so don't give in!

    5 lbs in 2 weeks is ahead of the goal- good job.

    As I mentioned today, if you want to come over I will prepare veg eats ANYTIME if you feel burned out. What are sister wives for if not veg food emergencies?