Exercise Queen

Let's talk about the fact that I'm kicking ass at the gym. Today, even though the running intervals were hard, I ran an extra one and did sprints on two of them! I really love the way I feel on the days I exercise, and really need to start doing it every day. I took Evie in the stroller on a walk today since the air quality was supposedly ok, which means I did a total of 4 miles today, and I still might do Bar Method. Yeah, like I said. I'm awesome.

When I was on the treadmill this morning the woman next to me was walking almost as fast as I was running. We both looked like idiots, I think. Speed-walkers really scare me, like their hips are going to pop out in any moment. Still a lot of denim, and the apple-eater was reading TV guide. I'm obsessed with gym characters.

I spent the morning watching The Biggest Loser and I Used to be Fat (on MTV). While I was impressed with the girl on the MTV show's ability to lose 90 lbs. in 4 months, I felt really sad for her in the end. Knowing from personal experience, when you're overweight as a teenager and then get a moderately hot bod, you suddenly get "hot confidence" which is great, but it can do a couple of bad things. One, it can make you really shallow, where all you're concerned with is your looks, and two, you turn into a bit of a hussy. I think it comes from not having male attention during those formative years of puberty and then all of a sudden you feel viable, so you seek that confirmation from men, and it can get a little out of control. The end of this particular episode had the girl going to a halloween party in a bustier, thigh highs and a tight skirt. Now, I'm no fan of sexy Halloween anyway, but there was just something particularly depressing about this. I don't know if they do this on the weight loss programs, but I really think it's important for people to go through some sort of emotional therapy when they face extreme weight loss. Primarily because there are usually issues that caused people to get there in the first place, and if the weight loss is going to be permanent, the emotional issues have to be fixed, too.

Because I exercised so much today, I had all kinds of calories to play around with. my breakfast was small, as I planned on making a green shake a bit later, but, you know, best laid plans and such and such. Three rice cakes with Justin's chocolate peanut butter and Costco's organic strawberry jelly.

For lunch I ate the rest of last night's pizza, only I made it a billion times more awesome by adding spinach, broccoli, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes. Yeah. You want to be my mouth. It was like 650 calories, but ever so delicious, and I knew I had calories to use. Yet another motivator to exercise!

I've really sucked at making dinner this week. After my two tofu disasters I just haven't felt up to the challenge. Tomorrow. I swear. Vegs ate some kind of Tony's pizza or something, and I had my standard lunch sandwich, and a Trio bar (I really loved having those calories to work with), and a fruit strip.

I really hope I can keep this motivation up. I've been kicking ass for almost 3 weeks, and I want to stay on this trajectory. I have to say, the fact that I'm doing this well during hell month (known to the rest of you as January) bodes very well for me.


  1. Beyond proud of you my friend. You are inspiring me!!

  2. i agree with you on the emotional issues thing. it's like the only reason they're losing weight on those shows is to look good in a bustier. not that there's anything wrong with losing weight to like how you look and wanting to impress others but...really? i hate people.

    i saw this (http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9E06E3D7173EF935A2575BC0A9609C8B63&ref=markbittman) earlier this week and have been talking it up to everyone i know. minus cheese, plus avocado and tomato and lime juice? and salsa? i'm making it tonight.

  3. I want to eat that pizza so badly.

  4. @ kiera we need to make a lady date happen asamfp

    @ cassie agreed. especially considering all the issues they have because of the weight (at least as presented on the programs) and i will eat the HELL out of that.

    @ jennie it was out of this world. and i miss you.