Couch 2 5k

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and hauled my ass to the gym. It was dark and a little scary (I hate going in underground parking when it's dark) but once I was on the treadmill, it was great. I'm kind of in love with my C25K app (has my life of fatness been a lack of iphone? possibly. Yes, I am obsessed...and apparently a little braggy) because it integrates with your playlist and then tells you to run when you're supposed to run and walk when you're supposed to walk. That means I don't have to pay attention to the timer on the treadmill which means I don't wuss out so quickly.

I did the whole workout, which had me go about 2 miles and I ended up doing a sprint for the last running segment. I felt awesome, and felt good all day long. I wasn't tired, in fact I had more energy than I normally have, but I'm certainly ready to get to bed now (which is great, since I've struggled with sleep lately).

Breakfast? Return of the greenshake! Seriously, this is the best breakfast, ever (at least in terms of health. The actual best breakfast is the french toast at Pete's Lunch, but I digress). It's super healthy, super easy, and super filling. I had one around 8:45 this morning and was fine until lunch, which wasn't until about 3. This one had 2 cups of spinach, orange juice, mixed frozen fruit and chia seeds.

When I finally made it to lunch, I opted for leftovers, yet again. I had more of the Israeli couscous salad topped with hummus and a few extra kalamata olives. I think I could drink kalamata olive juice with a straw. I love its briny deliciousness, which is pretty gross (the straw drinking, obvs).

I made a kick-ass chili for dinner in the slow cooker. It had kidney and black beans, brown rice and butternut squash. I had a big bowl and two pieces of Dave's Awesome Bread, toasted. Since I did it in the slow cooker, I didn't really measure anything (because, apparently, those two things are mutually exclusive?) which means I have about a year's supply of leftovers. The rice really bulked up, so I'll probably have it tomorrow with some sauteed spinach and maybe baked tofu.

Thanks to my workout, I ended up with a pretty decent calorie deficit, and I'm wondering if I should eat a little bit more before going to bed so I can be above the 1200 calorie mark, since I read today that going under 1200 effs with your metabolism and can slow weight loss down. Maybe I need a little treat...


  1. that chili looks killer. i think i will make some today, the butternut squash sounds like a great edition to what i usually put in my slow cooker chili. (isn't slow cooker cooking the best? you can just kind of throw anything in, and in 8 hours your house smells delicious.)

    i have yet to try making a "green shake." I like the idea of them. (in all of my "fitness girl" fantasies, i drink green shakes all the time and am, you know, way good at yoga.) but in real life i turn into a picky toddler and i'm like, "ew! gross! it looks like swamp food!" it's embarrassing how much of a child i can be. do you just use a blender for blending it? or do you have to have a magic bullet or something like that?

  2. it was really good chili, and even better the next day (though it was more like rice w/ chili in it since the rice absorbed so much liquid.

    i had a magic bullet for my green drinks, but got a blender for christmas so i use that now. it looks gross, but you can't really taste the spinach or whatever. i will make you one next time i see you. you pretty much make a smoothie of any kind and then just throw greens in. health in a blender!

    in my fitness girl fantasies i am also good at yoga, but the truth is, i suck really bad.

  3. You are the very best! your writing. your humor. your goal. your progress. your inevitable achievement. Loving this blog!

  4. Eff you for not feeding me everyday. I'll punish you.