Cookie Party

If it is four p.m. and I haven't eaten lunch yet, the rule is not that I get to eat cookies. I do not have enough self control, and even though they aren't bad per se, I still ate about six of them today, and thus dread looking at the scale come Sunday. I suppose this is reason enough for me to work hard on the treadmill tomorrow morning.

Managed to walk about 3.5 miles today with Bird, pushing strollers and chatting. I use the C25K app for my treadmill workouts, but for anytime I am walking outside, I use Runkeeper. Vegs uses it to track his trek to work and back everyday. I like that it shows how far I've gone and how quickly I'm going. If I could marry my Iphone in a legal polygamist marriage, I would, based almost entirely on how on track it keeps me w/ my weight loss goals.

My feet have been hurting a lot lately. Like all the bones are crunching together, which leads me to beg for foot rubs and toe-knuckle cracks from my husband. I've been looking up ways to gain strength and flexibility in my feet and hope some of theses exercises work so I don't hobble every time I get up. I know it's entirely from having so much weight on my teeny-tiny tootsies, but don't they know I'm working on it? I should probably work on doing non-weight bearing exercises on my non-run days, but I'm an impact kind of gal, much to the chagrin of my knees and feets.

Here's the embarrassing food consumption for the day:

Tofu Scramble wrap w/ spinach--amazing! Use the previously posted tofu scramble recipe, put on tortilla of your choice, (I use Tumaro's garden spinach & vegetable), add fresh, raw spinach, and copious amounts of hot sauce (I prefer Tapatio, but we only had Cholula. Still satisfying). And you're welcome.
Green tea w/ pomegranate. Coffee is a little too intense for me, caffeine wise, so I've taken to drinking tea in the mornings, and this is pretty bonzer. I think it's Celestial Seasonings. Go forth and drink tea, young friends.

Cookie Party!!! Seriously, I ate way too many cookies today. I made them on Sunday and they were kind of weird. I used a chia egg (3 tablespoons water to 1 tablespoon chia seeds....I do not recommend this. Use flax eggs instead) and pumpkin to replace the oil. They ended up being really--chewy, in a gluten-y kind of way. Not pleasant. But, I through them in the freezer for emergencies, and today, I done spent my rainy day cookie fund. They were much better frozen. Too much better. I think I shall toss them on the morrow so I am not tempted, because when I don't have treats in the house, I do really well.

Bird's polenta and butternut squash. You need to eat this, like, now. I don't use cheese or butter, but it still tastes pretty damn good.

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  1. Mmm, I do love Bird's polenta. I'm really really excited about that recipe tab I see, too. My feet don't hurt but my calves sure do. I'm gonna blame in on the fact that I don't have an iPhone.