Better late than never?

I am supposed to be getting up to go to the gym in 5 hours, but I like the habit of posting every day, even if it is brief, so, a quickie.

I need to go to the gym every morning. It forces me to get out of my pajamas, shower, and start my day at a reasonable hour. When I don't go (like today) I am not motivated to do a damn thing, so my house and my persona are just a wreck. I eat way too carb-y, and I just feel grossballs. I did eventually workout today (I did the Bar Method while Evie watched, fascinated), but because it didn't start my day off, it feels like it didn't count.

Eating was weird today. Nowhere near enough veggies, and didn't actually eat until about 1:00.  Used the filling from last night's burritos in 2 corn tortillas for breakfast (decent) and then tried to make a weird calzone w/ it for lunch (gross). I bought some of the Dreyer's all natural fruit bars last night at Sunflower, and for some reason, I thought they were all fruit. Well, about halfway through my coconut one this afternoon I thought, "Man, this is way too delicious to be ok." Sure enough, first ingredient? Milk. Cream was on the list somewhere too. It actually ended making me feel pretty sick, so I don't really have any future dairy temptations on the horizon. I made a pseudo-Masaman curry for dinner. It was average. Way too many calories from the peanuts, I'm guessing. Looking forward to tomorrow and my workout, though it very likely won't be a run :(

Also, I'm totally over the 30 days posts. One, I already post every day, and two, the prompts were really pretty lame and depressing.


  1. Haha, don't be surprised if you see me start using "grossballs" everywhere.

  2. that kind of language is grossballs, erin.