Back in the swing of things

I've gotten so used to being on a schedule that I forget that when I let things go haywire, I start feeling like a crazy person. Today everything is back as it should be. House is clean, moms and babies on schedules, food clean and healthy, workout taken care of, and I feel good again.

There's a really good chance that my IT band is causing all my knee pain, since when I called my mom to whine and complain she mentioned that pretty much every person in my family has the same problem. I guess I need to make a date with a foam roller to start stretching this baby out, as it had me in misery for most of the weekend.

I was actually relieved that there were no treadmills when I got to the gym this morning, because the fire in my knee was screaming at me not to run. I opted for the elliptical instead and had a great workout. I always feel like a wuss on the elliptical for some reason, maybe because it's no-impact, but I burned more calories in the half-hour I was on than I would if I had done my run/walk. I'm glad to have an option, because until this knee problem is fixed, there's going to be no running for this guy. 5k goals are being postponed indefinitely, and that's ok, as I never really intended to run a race, just wanted to be able to go that distance. I am just happy to be exercising and feeling it.

I bothered to take pictures of my food again today (it really does keep me focused) but now can't be bothered to find the cord, so, just know that I did what I was supposed to. I spread my meals out over the day, and that really seemed to help. Knowing there was a small meal in an hour  rather than waiting 3 or 4 for a large one does much better for my psyche. Plus, this way I actually feel like I'm having snacks!

Go Lean Crunch w/ almond milk (unsweetened vanilla)

Morning Snack
Green Shake (though I love the name "Jedi Juice" that Meggie uses). It had almond milk, orange-pineapple juice, spinach, rice protein powder, frozen fruit, spinach and chia seeds.

Veggie Wrap--the standard: baba ghanoush, spring mix, sprouts, red bell pepper, cucumber

Veggie burritos. I basically just threw a bunch of stuff in a sautee pan w/ salsa, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper and lime. It had boca crumbles, hubbard squash, red potatoes, grape tomatoes, black beans, and corn. I added a little sour supreme, and it was awesome. I will probably have the filling on a salad tomorrow for lunch.

Evening Snack
1/2 serving (3 squares) Chocolove's dark chocolate w/ cherries and almonds
1 Honeycrisp apple w/ 2 Tbsp. Almond butter

I also drank 3 32 oz mugs of water today. See? Back on track!

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  1. I wish I could eat just three squares of chocolate :p And I'm glad you like 'jedi juice'!