I would like to do something for myself as I reach the little and big goals along the way, something to keep me motivated and I'm trying to organize the possibilities.  One of my problems is (and it's a significant contributor to my weight problem, anyway) I'm an indulger. I don't wait for the things that I want, I don't put things off, I just do them/buy them. This usually means that the pleasure is short-lived. I'm hoping that the fact that we are going on a fiscal diet this next year as well will mean that some of these indulgences will feel more special, really mark the occasion that I'm celebrating.

My first will be a manicure/pedicure. I'm thinking once I lose 15 lbs. I am horrible to my hands and feet and absolutely love getting mani/pedis. Man, I really hate saying that. As much as I may love the event, the word makes me gag a little bit. Anyway, it's not too pricy, but it's something nice I can do for myself.

Some of my other markers require me to have lost wait before I can indulge them anyway. For instance, I have always wanted a pair of Frye boots, but my calves are much too large. When I thin out, and my calves are small enough, I will make the purchase, and I'm so excited.

I really love these, but I may have to modify what I want, because even when I'm thin, my calves are mighty, so they still may not be doable.

I also yearn for JCrew. I'm going to be the preppiest prep that ever prepped a prep when I reach my goal weight.

**note: we are not independently wealthy. I have a 401k that doesn't have a ton of cash in it,  but enough that it will let me indulge some of my more shallow urges without great cost to the family budget. When I quit my job after having the baby I decided that I would use that money for just this purpose.


  1. fryes are gorgeous! i have a tall pair, but i love the short ones ( too, if only for the buckles. definitely a good choice, and definitely worth it.

    i have to say that your blog is inspiring me to eat well again and to incorporate more vegan meals this year. i could blame it on living at the compound, but i've definitely been eating a lot more junk than i should lately. keep sharing recipes, because i'd love to try them!

  2. whoa, i love those boots! i'm glad you're reading, cassie, and glad to share recipes when I have them! you need to get the compound eating healthy!